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Conference Info

2024 Region II Head Start Conference

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Conference Sessions

The majority of conference sessions will occur on the 3rd floor. These are the main areas that will host conference sessions and events:


Harbor View Ballroom - which will host the general sessions for all attendees. The Harbor View Ballroom will also be divided into 3 and used for breakout sessions, when general sessions are not occurring. 

The Reef

The Reef is made up of 4 meeting rooms. These rooms will host our Classroom of the Future exhibits and sessions. These interactive areas provide an opportunity for attendees to experience new and innovative products and receive information directly from subject matter experts. To access, this area, take the elevator to the 3rd floor, turn left and go outside -then walk straight ahead across the open-air lobby to the Reef and Lighthouse meeting rooms. The Reef rooms are located on the left hand side. 

Country Drive

The Lighthouse Meeting Rooms

We have three meeting rooms in the Lighthouse area. These rooms are located directly across from The Reef meeting rooms (which host the Classroom of the Future exhibits). To access this area, take the elevator to the 3rd floor, turn left and go outside - then walk straight ahead across the open-air lobby to the Reef and Lighthouse meeting rooms. The Lighthouse meeting rooms are located on the right hand side. 

White Meeting Room

Sunset Terrace 

The Sunset Terrace meeting room is located on the 3rd floor, directly across from the elevators. If you get off the elevator and turn slightly right you will see the Sunset Terrace Room. If you hit the Shorebird restaurant, you have went too far.

Seaside Ballroom at the Buoy House

Special sessions will be hosted at the Buoy House Meeting Room. This area is located upstairs, above the Sandbar restaurant. Please note that there are approximately 10-14 steps that need to be climbed to access this area. The restroom is located on the main level, so we encourage individuals to visit the restroom before heading up to the meeting room. To get to the Buoy House Meeting Room, we recommend that you take the Buoy House Shuttle - which can be accessed just outside the lobby entrance at the Westin. Once the shuttle has arrived at the Buoy House lobby, it is a short walk to the Seaside Ballroom. There are also golf cart shuttles available from the Buoy House Lobby to the Seaside Ballroom. Individuals wishing to walk to the Buoy House meeting room can also do so, however there are several stairs and the trip takes approximately 10 minutes



We are so thankful to the many wonderful organizations that support our conference. Exhibit tables are located throughout the 3rd floor - outside of the Harbor View Ballroom and down the hall learning towards the elevator and the Sunset Terrace, Reef and Lighthouse meeting rooms. The Classroom of the Future exhibits are located in the Lighthouse meeting rooms.

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Special events

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Tuesday Night Event

Seacliff Terrace is a large outdoor area that is located out the main Westin lobby doors and to the right. This large outdoor space will host our special event on Tuesday night. 

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Leadership Breakfast

Located on the Buoy House Seaside Ballroom at Buoy House 

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General Session

The general sessions will be held in the Harbor View Ballroom - rooms 1-3 - located on level 3.

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