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Updates From the Region II Head Start Association

Updates from our latest newsletter:


Region II Head Start Association Annual Conference

Date: Week of November 16, 2020

Location: Puerto Rico – InterContinental San Juan Hotel

Theme: Strength Through Partnership



Please share with us what topics or presenters you would like included in this year's conference. Send your conference ideas to info@region2headstart.org.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources for Early Childhood Professionals

We're sharing the latest resources from our partners at the

Institute for Childhood Preparedness:

What Early Childhood Professionals Need to Know About COVID-19 Coronavirus Online Course

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread, we know there are concerns, especially among early childhood professionals. So, we wanted to provide this information to you so that you can be as informed as possible. As the situation evolves, the course will be updated to include the latest information, resources, and industry-wide responses.

Take the online coronavirus training course.

Informacion Que Los Profesionales De Educacion Preescolar Deben Saber Sobre COVID-19

Nuestra misión ha sido y siempre será apoyar, sin agendas ocultas, los programas para la primera infancia. Su salud y seguridad es nuestra prioridad. Nos ha decepcionado la falta de uniformidad en todo el país con respecto a las orientaciones que se han brindado a los profesionales de la primera infancia.

El curso se puede encontrar en este enlace.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

You could spread COVID-19 to others even if you do not feel sick. CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of community-based transmission.

Read the full blog post.

Guidelines for Emergency Child Care and After-School Services

Formal guidance has been lacking - and many states have adopted a piece-meal approach to addressing the needs of those caring for children. Leadership began developing guidance that could be used for programs operating to provide child care for essential workers.

Read the full blog post.

Senators Ask Office of Child Care for Answers on Coronavirus

On March 30, 2020 twenty-two US Senators sent a letter to Ms. Shannon Christian, the director for the Office of Child Care at the Administration for Children and Families. The Senators requested information about how the Office of Child Care is responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Read the full blog post.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

This week, we hosted a webinar with Gryphon House Publishing with over 7,000 attendees, many of you had questions for our Executive Director, Andrew Roszak. We’ve compiled the questions below, and we thank you for taking the time to attend our important COVID-19 coronavirus webinar!

Read the full blog post.

Tips From a Kindergarten Teacher While You’re Staying Home During the COVID-19 Coronavirus

As of March 22, 2020, 46 have closed K-12 schools for at least two weeks, with some preparing to close until the end of the school year. We know that these abrupt closures can be hard for parents, children, staff, teachers, child care providers, and early childhood professionals. We reached out to Rachael Kestenbaum, a kindergarten teacher from Pennsylvania, to find out the best ways to stay focused, educated, entertained, and active while practicing social distancing at home.

Read the full blog post.

Coronavirus: It is Time for Child Care Programs To Close

Early childhood programs should be included in the groups that are allowed to access essential supplies. Supply chain disruptions are likely to occur, and it is important that access to food, diapers, baby wipes and other critical supplies are maintained. Further, early childhood professionals should be deemed ‘essential’ and allowed to traverse through local road blocks and check points on their way to and from work, if and when checkpoints or closures are implemented.

Read the full blog post.

Visit the Institute's dedicated COVID-19 coronavirus resource pages in English and Spanish!

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